v0.7.0 - Major API Update

  • Converted export configurations and templates from python to JSON
  • Added validation schema for configurations and templates
  • added option to control style of bibliography in latex
  • Converted script executables to console entry points
  • Updated test configuration from nose to pytest
    • added many more tests for all export configurations and user interface
    • fixed Mac Os build on Travis
  • Improved user interface
  • Added ipynb to python file (with commented metadata) exporter
  • Updated documentation with new API and how to convert plugins

v0.6.8 - version bump to initiate Zenodo

v0.6.7 - Added support for raw cells

Raw output is now included in the latex (if raw format is latex), and html (if raw format is html)

v0.6.5 - Minor Update

v0.6.4 - Encoding Bug Fixes for Python < 3.6

and addition of documentation

v0.6.3 - better support for latex math environments

v0.6.2 - Améliorations!

  • added language translation
  • added width/height options for latex figures
  • changed embedded html to be iframes, with lazy loading for reveal


  • added titles and author for html and slides
  • bibtexparser uses “link” rather than “url” key (fixed)
  • fixed regex for headers (one or more # not zero or more)
  • allow codecells with no outputs
  • added ansi colors for latex listings
  • added adjust box for resizing tables too wide to fit in page width

v0.6.1 - added output level metadata


v0.6.0 - changed top-level meta tag from latex_doc -> ipub

To reflect that it also applys to html/slides output


  • improved control of slide output
  • changed from using utf8x -> xelatex, for handling font encoding
  • added mkdown output tag

v0.5.3 - Small bug fix for html caption prefixing

  • moved html caption prefixing to LatexCaption, so that captions from other cells are prefixed

v0.5.2 - Slide autonumbering and captions from code output

v0.5.1 - Improvements to Slide Output and Smart Slide Creation

slide rows/columns partitioned by markdown headers

also improved latex listings default options for text & stream data

v0.5.0 - Default Conversion Plugins & Enhancements to HTML/Slides Conversion

  • added auto numbering and correct reference hyperlinks for figures/tables/equations/code in html & slides
  • added text meta-tag, default meta-tag post processor, and additional converters based on it
  • added embeddable html

v0.4.1 - added universal bdist flag

v0.4.0 - Introducing nbpresent: for reveal.js slideshow creation and serving

a lot of refactoring of html template creation

improvement of command line argument processing

introduction of preprocessors

general awesomeness

v0.3.0 - First full, tested pypi release!

v0.2 - New Latex Metadata convention

Now all under “latex_doc” key with no “latex_” prefix , e.g.

"latex_doc" : {
    "ignore": true

instead of:

{"latex_ignore": true}

v0.1 - An initial release

before changing latex meta tag convention