Source code for ipypublish.postprocessors.convert_bibgloss

import os
import sys
from traitlets import Unicode
from ipypublish.postprocessors.base import IPyPostProcessor
from ipypublish.bib2glossary import BibGlossDB

[docs]class ConvertBibGloss(IPyPostProcessor): """ convert a bibglossary to the required format """ @property def allowed_mimetypes(self): return None @property def requires_path(self): return True @property def logger_name(self): return "convert-bibgloss" encoding = Unicode("utf8", help="the encoding of the input file").tag(config=True) resource_key = Unicode( "bibglosspath", help="the key in the resources dict containing the path to the file", ).tag(config=True) files_folder = Unicode( "_static", help="the path (relative to the main file path) to dump to" ).tag(config=True)
[docs] def run_postprocess(self, stream, mimetype, filepath, resources): if "bibglosspath" not in resources: return stream, filepath, resources bibpath = resources["bibglosspath"] if not os.path.exists(str(bibpath)): self.logger.warning( "the bibglossary could not be converted, " "since its path does not exist: {}".format(bibpath) ) return stream, filepath, resources bibname, extension = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(bibpath)) outstr = None outext = None if extension in [".bib"]: if mimetype == "text/restructuredtext": pass elif mimetype == "text/latex":"converting bibglossary to tex") bibdb = BibGlossDB() bibdb.load_bib(path=str(bibpath), encoding=self.encoding) outstr = bibdb.to_latex_string() outext = ".tex" elif extension in [".tex"]: if mimetype == "text/latex": pass elif mimetype == "text/restructuredtext":"converting bibglossary to bibtex") bibdb = BibGlossDB() bibdb.load_tex(path=str(bibpath), encoding=self.encoding) outstr = bibdb.to_bib_string() outext = ".bib" else: self.logger.warning( "the bibglossary could not be converted, " "since its file extension was not one of: " "bib, tex" ) if outstr is None: return stream, filepath, resources if sys.version_info < (3, 0): outstr = unicode(outstr, encoding=self.encoding) # noqa: F821 output_folder = filepath.parent.joinpath(self.files_folder) if not output_folder.exists(): output_folder.mkdir(parents=True) outfile = output_folder.joinpath(bibname + outext)"writing bibglossary: {}".format(outfile)) with"w", encoding=self.encoding) as fh: fh.write(outstr) self.logger.debug("finished") return stream, filepath, resources