ipypublish.postprocessors.to_stream module

class ipypublish.postprocessors.to_stream.WriteStream(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: ipypublish.postprocessors.base.IPyPostProcessor

write the stream to the terminal

property allowed_mimetypes

override in subclasses

return a list of allowed mime types if None, then all are allowed

Text based mime-types include: text/plain, text/latex, text/restructuredtext, text/html, text/x-python, application/json, text/markdown, text/asciidoc, text/yaml


A trait for unicode strings.

property logger_name

override in subclass


An enum whose value must be in a given sequence.

property requires_path

override in subclasses

whether the prostprocessor requires the supplied filepath to have an existing parent directory

if True and filepath is None, will raise an IOError, otherwise, will try to make the directory if it doesn’t exist

run_postprocess(stream, mimetype, filepath, resources)[source]

should not be called directly override in sub-class

  • stream (str) – the main file contents

  • filepath (None or pathlib.Path) – the path to the output file

  • resources (dict) – a resources dict, output from exporter.from_notebook_node


  • stream (str)

  • filepath (None or pathlib.Path)

  • resources (dict)