A package for creating and editing publication ready scientific reports and presentations, from Jupyter Notebooks.


A major API improvement occurred in v0.7.0. This has not changed the general user interface, but anyone using custom converter plugins will be required to update them (see Conversion of Plugins From Old API)


IPyPublish: Features

Combining features of the Jupyter Notebook, WYSIWYG editors and the Latex document preparation system, to provide a workflow for:

  • Dynamic editing and visualisation of key document components (text, math, figures, tables, references, citations, etc).
  • Combine document elements with dynamic (and reproducible) data exploration, analysis and visualisation.
  • Supply meta formatting for document and code elements for precise control over the final document layout and typesetting.
  • Output the same source document to different layouts and formats (pdf, html, presentation slides, etc).
conversion process


Please cite DOI if using IPyPublish.


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