Source code for ipypublish.filters_pandoc.prepare_cites

""" a panflute filter to find citations in markdown,
with attributes and prefixes,

- extract the attributes, classes and prefix
- wrap the cite with a Span with class 'attribute-Cite',
- add the classes, attributes and prefix to the Span, and
- remove the attribute string and prefix

For example:

+@label {}.class-name a=1} xyz *@label2* @label3{ .b}

would be converted to this html:

<span class="class-name attribute-Cite" data-a="1" data-prefix="+">
<span class="citation" data-cites="label">@label</span>
<em><span class="citation" data-cites="label2">@label2</span></em>
<span class="b attribute-Cite" data-prefix="{">
<span class="citation" data-cites="label3">@label3</span>

Optionally, this can be turned off by adding to the Document metadata

meta["ipub"]["pandoc"]["at_notation"] = False

from panflute import Element, Doc, Cite, RawInline, Link  # noqa: F401
import panflute as pf

from ipypublish.filters_pandoc.utils import find_attributes, get_pf_content_attr
from ipypublish.filters_pandoc.definitions import (

[docs]def process_citations(element, doc): # type: (Element, Doc) -> Element if not doc.get_metadata(IPUB_META_ROUTE + ".at_notation", True): return None content_attr = get_pf_content_attr(element, pf.Cite) if not content_attr: return None initial_content = getattr(element, content_attr) if not initial_content: return None final_content = [] skip = 0 for subel in initial_content: if skip: skip -= 1 continue if not isinstance(subel, pf.Cite): final_content.append(subel) continue classes = [] attributes = {} append = None # check if the cite has a valid prefix, if so extract it if ( isinstance(subel.prev, pf.Str) and subel.prev.text and (subel.prev.text[-1] in dict(PREFIX_MAP)) ): prefix = subel.prev.text[-1] mapping = dict(dict(PREFIX_MAP)[prefix]) classes.extend(mapping["classes"]) attributes.update(mapping["attributes"]) # remove prefix from preceding string string = final_content.pop() if len(string.text) > 1: final_content.append(pf.Str(string.text[:-1])) # check if the cite has a preceding class/attribute container attr_dict = find_attributes(subel, allow_space=True) if attr_dict: classes.extend(attr_dict["classes"]) attributes.update(attr_dict["attributes"]) skip = len(attr_dict["elements"]) append = attr_dict["append"] if classes or attributes: classes.append(ATTRIBUTE_CITE_CLASS) final_content.append( pf.Span(subel, classes=sorted(set(classes)), attributes=attributes) ) else: final_content.append(subel) if append: final_content.append(append) setattr(element, content_attr, final_content) return element
[docs]def prepare(doc): # type: (Doc) -> None pass
[docs]def finalize(doc): # type: (Doc) -> None pass
[docs]def main(doc=None, extract_formats=True): # type: (Doc) -> None """if extract_formats then convert citations defined in latex, rst or html formats to special Span elements """ return pf.run_filter(process_citations, prepare, finalize, doc=doc)
if __name__ == "__main__": main()