Source code for ipypublish.frontend.nbpresent

#!/usr/bin/env python
import logging
import os
import sys
from mimetypes import guess_type

from ipypublish.frontend.shared import parse_options
from ipypublish.convert.main import IpyPubMain
from ipypublish.postprocessors.reveal_serve import RevealServer

logger = logging.getLogger("nbpresent")

[docs]def nbpresent( inpath, outformat="slides_standard", outpath=None, dump_files=True, ignore_prefix="_", clear_files=False, log_level="INFO", dry_run=False, print_traceback=False, export_paths=(), ): """ load reveal.js slides as a web server, converting from ipynb first if path extension is .ipynb Parameters ---------- inpath: str path to html or ipynb file outformat: str conversion format to use outpath : str or pathlib.Path path to output converted files dump_files: bool whether to write files from nbconvert (images, etc) to outpath clear_files : str whether to clear existing external files in outpath folder ignore_prefix: str ignore ipynb files with this prefix log_level: str the logging level (debug, info, critical, ...) """ inpath_name, inpath_ext = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(inpath)) output_mimetype = guess_type(inpath, strict=False)[0] output_mimetype = "unknown" if output_mimetype is None else output_mimetype if output_mimetype != "text/html": config = { "IpyPubMain": { "conversion": outformat, "plugin_folder_paths": export_paths, "outpath": outpath, "ignore_prefix": ignore_prefix, "log_to_stdout": True, "log_level_stdout": log_level, "log_to_file": True, "log_level_file": log_level, "default_pporder_kwargs": dict( dry_run=dry_run, clear_existing=clear_files, dump_files=dump_files, serve_html=True, slides=True, ), } } publish = IpyPubMain(config=config) try: outdata = publish(inpath) outpath = outdata["outpath"] output_mimetype = outdata["exporter"].output_mimetype except Exception as err: logger.error("Run Failed: {}".format(err)) if print_traceback: raise return 1 else: logging.basicConfig(stream=sys.stdout, level=logging.INFO) server = RevealServer() if not dry_run: server.postprocess("", output_mimetype, os.path.abspath(inpath)) return 0
[docs]def run(sys_args=None): if sys_args is None: sys_args = sys.argv[1:] filepath, options = parse_options(sys_args, "nbpresent") outcode = nbpresent(filepath, **options) return outcode