Source code for ipypublish.preprocessors.latex_doc_captions

import logging

import traitlets as traits
from nbconvert.preprocessors import Preprocessor
from nbformat.notebooknode import NotebookNode

logger = logging.getLogger("captions")

[docs]class LatexCaptions(Preprocessor): """ a preprocessor to: 1. find cells with a ipub.caption meta-tag, extract the caption and label to a dict and remove the cell 2. find cells with the found labels and replace their captions """ add_prefix = traits.Bool( False, help=("add float type/number prefix to caption " "(from caption_prefix tag)"), ).tag(config=True)
[docs] def preprocess(self, nb, resources):"extracting caption cells") # extract captions final_cells = [] captions = {} for cell in nb.cells: if hasattr(cell.metadata, "ipub"): if hasattr(cell.metadata.ipub.get("equation", False), "get"): if hasattr( cell.metadata.ipub.equation.get("environment", False), "startswith", ): if cell.metadata.ipub.equation.environment.startswith( "breqn" ): # noqa: E501 if "ipub" not in nb.metadata: nb.metadata["ipub"] = NotebookNode( {"enable_breqn": True} ) else: nb.metadata.ipub["enable_breqn"] = True if hasattr(cell.metadata.ipub, "caption"): if cell.cell_type == "markdown": capt = cell.source.split(r"\n")[0] captions[cell.metadata.ipub.caption] = capt continue elif cell.cell_type == "code": if not cell.outputs: pass elif "text/latex" in cell.outputs[0].get("data", {}): capt = cell.outputs[0].data["text/latex"].split(r"\n")[0] captions[cell.metadata.ipub.caption] = capt continue elif "text/plain" in cell.outputs[0].get("data", {}): capt = cell.outputs[0].data["text/plain"].split(r"\n")[0] captions[cell.metadata.ipub.caption] = capt continue final_cells.append(cell) nb.cells = final_cells # replace captions for cell in nb.cells: if hasattr(cell.metadata, "ipub"): for key in cell.metadata.ipub: if hasattr(cell.metadata.ipub[key], "label"): if cell.metadata.ipub[key]["label"] in captions: logger.debug( "replacing caption for: {}".format( cell.metadata.ipub[key]["label"] ) ) cell.metadata.ipub[key]["caption"] = captions[ cell.metadata.ipub[key]["label"] ] # noqa: E501 # add float type/number prefix to caption, if required if self.add_prefix: if hasattr(cell.metadata.ipub[key], "caption"): if hasattr(cell.metadata.ipub[key], "caption_prefix"): newcaption = ( cell.metadata.ipub[key].caption_prefix + cell.metadata.ipub[key].caption ) cell.metadata.ipub[key].caption = newcaption return nb, resources