Source code for ipypublish.sphinx.gls.bibgloss

import docutils

from ipypublish.bib2glossary import BibGlossEntry

[docs]def docutils_citation_ref_node( entry, document, use_key_as_label=True, classes=("bibglossary",) ): # type: (dict, docutils.nodes.document, bool) -> docutils.nodes.citation_reference # noqa """Return citation_reference node to the given citation. The citation_reference is expected to be inserted into *document* prior to any docutils transforms. """ if not isinstance(entry, BibGlossEntry): raise TypeError # see docutils.parsers.rst.states.Body.footnote_reference() if use_key_as_label: label = entry.key else: label = entry.label refname = docutils.nodes.fully_normalize_name(entry.key) refnode = docutils.nodes.citation_reference( rawsource="[%s]_" % label, refname=refname ) label_text = docutils.nodes.Text(label) refnode += label_text refnode["classes"].extend(classes) document.note_citation_ref(refnode) return refnode
[docs]def docutils_citation_node(entry, document, use_key_as_label=True, convert_latex=True): """Return citation node, with key as name, label as first child, and nodes with entry text (converted from latex) as subsequent children. The citation is expected to be inserted into the *document* prior to any docutils transforms. """ # see docutils.parsers.rst.states.Body.citation() if not isinstance(entry, BibGlossEntry): raise TypeError if use_key_as_label: label = entry.key else: label = entry.label name = docutils.nodes.fully_normalize_name(entry.key) citation = docutils.nodes.citation() citation["names"].append(name) citation += docutils.nodes.label("", label) if convert_latex: for child in latex_to_docutils(entry.text): citation += child else: citation += docutils.nodes.paragraph( "", "", docutils.nodes.Text(entry.text, entry.text) ) citation["classes"].append("bibglossary") document.note_citation(citation) document.note_explicit_target(citation, citation) return citation
[docs]def format_entries(entries, style="list", sort=True): # TODO apply styles consistent with latex glossaries if sort: entries = sorted(entries, key=lambda e: e.sortkey) labels = [e.label for e in entries] for label, entry in zip(labels, entries): yield entry
[docs]def rst_to_docutils(source): parser = docutils.parsers.rst.Parser() settings = docutils.frontend.OptionParser( components=(docutils.parsers.rst.Parser,) ).get_default_values() document = docutils.utils.new_document("dummy_source_path", settings) parser.parse(source, document) return document
[docs]def latex_to_docutils(source): import panflute as pf rst_source = pf.convert_text(source, input_format="latex", output_format="rst") return rst_to_docutils(rst_source)