ipypublish.filters.filters module

ipypublish.filters.filters.create_key(input, **kwargs)[source]

create sanitized key string which only contains lowercase letters, (semi)colons as c, underscores as u and numbers as roman numerals in this way the keys with different input should mainly be unique

>>> create_key('fig:A_10name56')
ipypublish.filters.filters.dict_to_kwds(inobject, kwdstr='', overwrite=True)[source]

convert a dictionary to a string of keywords, or, if a list, a string of options

append to an existing options string (without duplication)

  • dct (dict) –
  • kwdstr (str) – initial keyword string
  • overwrite (bool) – overwrite the option, if it already exists with a different value


>>> dict_to_kwds({"a":1,"c":3},'a=1,b=2')
>>> dict_to_kwds(['a', 'c'],'a,b')
ipypublish.filters.filters.first_para(input, **kwargs)[source]

get only ttext before a n (i.e. the fist paragraph)

ipypublish.filters.filters.remove_dollars(input, **kwargs)[source]

remove dollars from start/end of file

ipypublish.filters.filters.wrap_latex(input, max_length=75, **kwargs)[source]