ipypublish.frontend.nbpresent module

ipypublish.frontend.nbpresent.nbpresent(inpath, outformat='slides_standard', outpath=None, dump_files=True, ignore_prefix='_', clear_files=False, log_level='INFO', dry_run=False, export_paths=())[source]

load reveal.js slides as a web server, converting from ipynb first if path extension is .ipynb

  • inpath (str) – path to html or ipynb file
  • outformat (str) – conversion format to use
  • outpath (str or pathlib.Path) – path to output converted files
  • dump_files (bool) – whether to write files from nbconvert (images, etc) to outpath
  • clear_files (str) – whether to clear existing external files in outpath folder
  • ignore_prefix (str) – ignore ipynb files with this prefix
  • log_level (str) – the logging level (debug, info, critical, …)